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Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). He has studied early harps (from 12th century until 18th century) in Madrid with Nuria Llopis (Spanish Baroque two-strung harp). Besides, he studied in Milan with Mara Galassi (Italian arpa doppia). As a professional carrier, he has collaborated with several groups: Elyma Ensemble, Camerata Iberia, Les musicians du Louvre, Al ayre español, The Munich Choral Society, the Ars Longa Ensemble of Havana (Cuba), La Trulla de Voces, Musica Ficta, Capella de Ministres, La Galanía, Os Segreis de Lisboa (Portugal), La Hispanoflamenca, Forma Antiqua, etc.

Manuel Vilas has also done “solo” concerts in programmes focused on Renaissance and baroque music both from Spain and America and performed in: The Amherst Early Music Festival (Amherst-Massachussets-USA), the Week of Early Music (Santiago de Chile), concerts in the University of Cantabria (Spain), I Via Stellae festival (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), the Esteban Salas Festival (La Havana –Cuba), The Haarlem Festival (Holland). He has also taken part in various early music festivals in different countries such as: Spain, Paraguay, Holland, Ecuador, Austria, Chile, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Bolivia, Cuba, Portugal, Germany, USA, etc.


Manuel has recorded about 60 CDs with Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque repertoires for: K 617, Verso, Naxos, Pasacaille, Arsis, La ma de Guido, Enchiriadis, etc. He is specialized in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish harp and voice Baroque music pieces. As a result he has offered recitals with the following singers: Roberta Invernizzi, Marta Infante, Raquel Andueza, Juan Sancho, Yeztabel Arias, Guillemette Laurens, Monica Piccinini, Felix Rienth, Isabel Monar, etc.


In 2008 he founded the Ars Atlántica ensemble which performed a premiere of the cantatas founded in the Palacio Contarini (Venice). The recording of this cantatas received the Prelude Award in Holland as one of the best early music records of 2010.






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