EUROMUSIC was establish in 1997, and since then developed a wide range of management activities for musicians and dancers.

Among others, we are involved in cultural events in many different parts of the world: from North of Europe to Buenos Aires (Argentina) or Santiago de Chile.

From Seattle or San Diego to deep inside China (Urumqi, Shenzhen, Sanya, Hebei, Yichang & Beijing).

We work with most of main music festivals in our country, and also with many others around Europe, South & North America and Asia. 

EUROMUSIC represents artists from Baroque & Ancient music to Flamenco or Jazz styles. Chamber music, soloists and orchestras are part of our roster as well.




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RT @ArmonicoConsort: Never in 20 years have we had to fight and work so hard to get a concert to the stage. Thanks to @RoyalAlbertHall for…
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Acaba de publicar una foto en Iglesia San Miguel https://t.co/2eYNkUE6zX
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MUSICA FICTA en el FESTIVAL “PALENCIA ANTIQVA” 2021 Raúl Mallavibarrena, director CAROLVS - “Música en tiempos d… https://t.co/NokT4qYx58